A lot people was asking me about a guide for the latest Archaeology professions for Cataclysm. This is the new Secondary profession just like First Aid, Cooking and Fishing so that means you won’t have to give up any of your main profession to use it.

This profession is actually very simple and easy to do as shown in this popular video below by Cynical Brit which explains the entire profession it very well.. check it out!

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    • Coolatomic360

      Argh i aint got cata yet :/ goddam it. Cant archeology be for non cata aswell??? O well lol, ill have to put up with it for atleast another 10days….. O well nice vid TB keep up the good work man o and thanx dugi for such a great guide lol

    • Tothunt

      Cool video – really good introduction to getting started.

      Happy digging 🙂

    • Barry Austin

      Another good tip to add to this is that you will pick up items (Green Items) and Troll Tablet and Dwarf Stone and these can be put in the little hexagon box at the bottom of the Archaeology screen to help level it a little faster.

    • Jayblue

      Thanks for sharing. Found it to be quite informative as well. Happy digging to all !

    • chucksdruid

      Kool video, very informative. Looks like a skill that you should pick up with your lower level toons.

    • Anders

      wow i found that video months ago, in a random site, funny you found it to. 😀

    • EtOH

      Very nice guide!
      Thanks a lot!!

    • Shinny

      thx for the info…looks like something else to keep our minds running if we get tired of pvp or raiding..Nice job

    • Keith

      Thanks for the video. I’ve been looking forward to Archeology since Blizzard announced it last year. Looks useful. Will be better when you hit its top level.

    • Fordahord

      Very helpful. Thanks.

    • zarkovf

      excellent and informative video…nice to have an expansion to the optional profs!

    • Paynne

      Yet another shackle blizz has put on my soul. Woe is me soon my life will consist of nothing but Warcraft, dang too late… lol This is definitely something i will be spending a fair amount of time doing for sure. Thanks for the great explanation

    • Sync

      Thank you, I was wondering how Archaeology worked.

    • Drakehunter

      Thank you for this video. It answered alot of questions i had.

    • Doomloon

      Nice job on this. A lot of players only want to raid and Dungon. they have no goals or Gold. Hope others pick up on ARCHEOLOGY.

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