I was a bit reluctant to post this video, because I don’t
like to publicly *nit pick* about little things about other
competitor products.

But the differences that I have discovered is pretty major,
and I think you should know about it if you’re still
undecided to as to which leveling guide to use.

The new video is up right now

Tomorrow I’ll have a new video up to announce our special
deal and the big bonus, also a special Christmas “postcard”
at the end of the video from Jess (our forum admin) and I.

And this will affect every single member of ultimatewowguide as
current members can snatch the bonus aswell without purchasing
anything extra.

So make sure you watch it to find out how.

Talk soon
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    12 replies to "Video: Comparing Dugi Guides V3 with ‘Other’ Leveling Guide"

    • Bladeyama

      I made a lvl 85 priest in 5 days and while doing that I lvled Alchemy,herbalism, fist aide to max lvl. Using Dugis guide

    • baycock

      When will this guide be put back up in members area?

    • Frungi

      The other day I commented on the fairness of the video, but my comment seems to be missing. Odd… I don’t think I said anything offensive, but if I did, could you at least let me know?

      • Dugi

        The video was released before Zygor’s update and it was accurate at the time. However since the update was brought to our attention I have removed the video.

    • Curtis

      Dugi do u have to do this rage war with zygors when both ur guides are good,its a fight that doesnt need to happen

    • Darian


    • Splob

      Yup I got zygors but I get bored of all it’s junk quests they take to long and Is making me bored so I end up at the ah or just talking have tried dugis guide and is way different I’m loving it so far! I’m switching as soon as the full version comes out! Thank you dugi and thanks to your auto sync I will be able to level my Main without tracking back!

    • Gerald

      I just started to try the Dugi’s guide. I had quit playing for about 2 years so we will see if this can help me out. Once there is a quest over the characters head, is there a way to switch it to a different quest with out checking the box and eliminating that quest. Some times I want to do them in a different order.

    • soptik

      Hi Dugi,
      I have to say that ur guide is pretty cool – and the new update is even MUCH MORE COOLER !
      It already helped me to level 5 lvl80s in approx. 8days /played time each – which is really awesome. And i will be now surely able to widen my colection with the new guide v3.

      Keep up the good work, cheers, merry christmas and happy new year and WoW forever !

    • Chetalou

      I want to finish the loremaster quests, but I am having trouble FINDING enough quests in Kalimadore. Do you have anything planned to help with these achievements?


      • Dugi

        This is a very large amount of work to get all the quest done for lore master. By the time we finish it would probably be obsolete becuase of the new expansion.

        however we might do it for Catalysm

    • Kret

      Good comparison; Dugi’s guide obviously a cut way above the rest!

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