I’m sure everybody is having a very busy week, doing your
Christmas shopping and tying up loose ends before the holidays.

But make sure you spare 5 mins for this final video that I
have just uploaded before we re-open on the 23rd.

There is also a special holiday message towards the end of
the video from Jess and myself, I hope you like it.

To sum it up, the video explains our new discounted price
for when we re-open as well as a free Christmas Bonus as
a gift from us.

The Bonus is the complete WoWAuctionMastery.com guide
valued at $57 yours absolutely free simply by owning any
guide from UltimateWoWGuide.com, This is available to
ALL our members.

There is a tiny catch…

You have to claim it between 12-6pm Eastern Dec 23rd.

Thats when we officially open and all you have to do is
click a button in the members area. Watch the video for
more explanation.

Well thats it! only 3 more sleeps to go before

Have a good one!
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    5 replies to "Our Free Christmas Bonus Announced!"

    • Aprilstar

      What a wonderful and thoughtful gift Dugi and Jess, Thank you all so very much. Merry Christmas to all of you.


      I love all your Guides I own them all and they are the best!

      April ^.~

    • Tim

      Hey, Dugi –

      I love your guides, but am having problems with the new in-game guide (1-80 in the members area). The guide text-frame is very small and no text/graphics appear unless I hover over it. Also, despite deleting the old and reinstalling the new TomTom, I see no directional arrow and have tried resetting it in the TomTom options menu.

      Any thoughts?
      Thanks much, and Happy Holidays!

      • Dugi

        Do you own the Daily guide? try downloading the dailies again from the members area and reinstall it.

        does the arrow appear at all if you press CTRL and right click an objective on your map?

        Not all steps in the guide will add a waypoint arrow, so try ticking a few steps see if it will appear.

        or you may try reseting the waypoint arrow position

        go to Game Menu > Interface > AddOns > TomTom > Waypoint Arrow and click the reset button.

    • Robert

      Sweet i cant wait to get the gold guide

    • Demensia

      That looks awesome! Thank you for your guide, it has made playing WOW so much more fun! My friends HATE the fact that I’m leveling 3-4 levels for every 1 of theirs! Keep up the good work, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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