Level 85 yet ? 🙂

I’m very sorry to everyone that tried to purchase or access the members area earlier today,  one our hired programmers broke it just as I went to sleep  and he was unable to fix it himself. So I woke up this morning to a broken website…

Well everything is now fixed as you should be able to access the members area to update your guides, or to make any new purchase.


Build 4.4323 – December 8th 2010
– Cataclysm Leveling Guide
* Fix unticking problem for all level 80-85 guides
* Minor fix with Goblin 1-5 guide.

– TomTom
* Updated to Latest version v40000-1.0.8.

While I’m emailing you I though you would like an update of what we have been up to. This is a screenshot of our new addon installer, which will make updating even easier again.

With this new installer, updating will be a breeze  and we will be able to distribute updates much more frequently without spamming your inbox with update notices.

    33 replies to "Update: Dugi Guides v4.4324 (UltimateWoWGuide Server is now fixed)"

    • Gerry

      Hi Dugi – The In-Game guide for the Vendor Supply run No Longer has any relevance. I spent most of my time in Menethril Harbor looking for Vendors that were at the wrong co-ordinates or Non-existent all together.I`m sure there will be a lot of changes in the Cata world; just thought I would bring this to your attention.

      Thanks for the having the Best guides on the market !! now with the auto – updater; it does not get any better then that !!

    • Kristine Kienberger

      I purchaes the achievement and profession guide. I clicked on update on the installer, however when I go
      into the logon page under addons it is not there and it is also not in the folder under wow interface. How do
      I fix this?

      • Dugi

        Make you enter your login and password in the Settings option.

    • nextunes

      Hey dugi.
      I have played few hours and I’m already level 83.
      We had few issues with the Haddon but you took care of it,
      Besides you’re not the only one who’s been having problem with the guide
      ( If u know what i mean )thanks for the fast responses I’m planiing
      To buy ur achievement guide. So like u have Said ” see you in the other side” keep up the good work. Peace!

    • rudy clemente

      Hey guys do you know when the new installer will be available? it sounds amazing to me!! Thanks Dugi !

    • Sam Wagner

      Hey Dugi,
      I have been having trouble with the new Cataclysm guide. Whenever go into WoW i click on the guide and i scroll down only to see that The cataclysm guide isn’t there…..I’ve downloaded it many times and paid for the full update but it still isn’t there. I cheacked the new Pack files and im not getting any of the new stuff. infact im getting all the old and trial version stuff regardless of the fact that i paid for the full guide. Can you please help?

      • John Stoops

        Hey Sam Wagner, i have also had this problem, and recently found out the solution.

        If you are trying to download the addon’s from https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/download/, you should try doing it from the members area at: https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/amember/member.php

        You will see what subscriptions you got, and under all of the subscriptions you have, you will see: “All-In-One Download”

        This will and should give you all the addons that you should be getting.

        Good luck, hope this helps 🙂

        • Ryiaala

          Sam, I had the same problem. I installed it (via Dugi’s installer) several times and the Cata leveling never appeared in the list. I ended up manually unzipping the file directly into the Addon directory and it worked. Don’t know what the problem was, but the manual install fixed it.

          • Football

            Ryiaala: The problem isn’t related to the installer. If you succeeded in installing the full guide by unzipping, that just means that you got the full guide when you downloaded it. The installer would have installed the full guide too. (if talented exist in the zip file, then you have the full guide).

            Like John Stoops says: If you’re having problems getting the guide from the download site, then go to the members area and download it from there.

            I’m getting the trial from the download site when using Firefox. When I’m using IE, then I get the full guide. I guess the cookies in my browser, forgets that I’m logged in. I just use the link in the members area. No problem 😉

            • Msdoubtfull

              Football: “I’m getting the trial from the download site when using Firefox. When I’m using IE, then I get the full guide.”

              This is the same for Opera ^^

    • brent

      And its stuff like this that makes me glad I chose Dugi over zygor… 🙂 i really dont want to be MEAN TO THEM because well, I dont even know them, but it just seems UWG is a higher caliber than zygor… GJ Dugi & UWG staff

    • randy

      OK, I realize this will be an update and see that it is “coming soon” Does this mean the cata guides will be released then as well? Not trying to rush, just want to be sure that I understand correctly that no cata guide is currently on anything I have downloaded. Thanks!!

      • football

        The Cata Guide has been available for purchase for a while now. Go to the members area and subscribe to the newsletter. It was announced here on the blog 24’th of July 🙂 If you recently bought the guides, you should have it already.


      Love it…Love it…Love it !!!

    • Phillip65942

      Dugi your stuff has save me alot of time. Keep up the good work.

    • Kyle Brothers

      Just wanted to say Thank you Dugi. Hit 85 as of 10am this morning with actually getting some sleep.

    • Taylor Polski

      Dugi has had this feature for quite some time now, this is just revised… And its looking much better Dugi!

    • Gareth Hall

      An intelligent Installer would be great 🙂

    • Eric

      Hey Dugi, will this installer give us options to bypass the TomTom and Talented updates? I like your stuff but I use Carbonite and a different talent tree add-on. 🙂

      • Dugi

        Not initially, it will take a bit of restructuring of how the script works, in the mean time just leave TomTom and talented unticked if you don’t want to use them.

    • James

      I love the idea of an installer, but will there be a Mac version? Great work on all of your products!!!

      • Dugi

        Yes we are releasing the mac version at the same time..

    • Msdoubtfull

      Hey dugi, would i have to unsintall the old installer to get the newer one, or is it not yet released?

      • Dugi

        its not available yet, there’s a lot of bugs to fix, hopefully in a few more days

        • John Stoops

          Alright, make sure to send us another of your information E-mails telling us it is ready, im exited and cant wait 😀

    • jonathan

      Dugi had An installer be4 zygor.

      Had many things be4 them

      I have however noticed whe never i get an email form dugi or zygor an email form the other person normal comes in soon after.

      Will have to say GJ on the installer dugi

      And FYI i havent been able to fake my way on to his site in a while he fixed how people were doing it.
      But Comparing Dugis Guides to Zygors is like comparing a watermelon to a shoe….

    • funtastic

      Yyyeah, just like you could for almost a year now with Zygor’s. Dugi, can you do ANYTHING that isn’t a direct copy off Zygor? 😀

      • fluff

        yeah, cause zygor is the first person who invented an installer…

      • Dugi

        Dailies & Events guide?
        Dungeon Guide?
        Achievement & Professions Guide?

        • football

          Vendor Supply Run Guide?

    • Costa

      So with this new installer we won’t have to visit the website? We can just hit the update button?

      • Dugi

        that is correct :), when you load the installer, it will compare your local version with the latest version online and tell you whether you need to update or not.

        Then you can click the button to update.

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