Hi everyone, its time to update your addons again!,

Dugi’s Guide v4.055

This build has fixed a few more bugs full details can
be read in version.txt, and also alot of guide fixes
for Alliance and Horde 1-60 area.

We also quickly added the Mouse Scroll feature for the
large frame.

if you still notice any bugs at all don’t hesitate to
report it in the bugs forum.


Talented ‘Easy Install’ & Template Update

We have modified Talented to install with our templates
as the built in Default Templates, so you don’t have to
mess around with ‘Talented.lua’ anymore

The templates should now appear automatically for you. And
we have also fixed the bug with talented that prevented
you from selecting more templates.

And some templates have been also updated to the latest
patch, PVE and PVP templates is also included with
the templates now.

TomTom Update r237

Cladhaire have also updated TomTom recently, the
most noticeable change was

* Added a ‘ping’ sound that can be played when you’ve
arrived at your destination. The sound will be played
when you’re within the ‘arrival distance’, as set under
the “Waypoint Arrow” configuration.
All updates link are available on our website,
members should download in the members area.

free users can download the latest v4.055 guide here

World of Warcraft Magazine Subscription Winners

Sorry this was suppose to be announced yesterday but
I wanted to get these updates done at the same time

As promised we have randomly picked 10x Winners that
have won themselves a full year subscription to the
official World of Warcraft Magazine.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I will be contacting the winners in the next few days
or you can contact me first, as I need your full
address to send the Magazine.

    3 replies to "The Winners and Addons Update! DugisGuide v4.055, Talented, TomTom"

    • crytech

      Hey dugi, im not sure if anyone else has had this problem but everytime ive gone to northrend, ive never reached the required level to start the D.H.E.T.A quests and i have to make some detours.

    • rob

      Where can members download the updated version. I can not find it

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