Hi everyone a friendly reminder that the WoW Noblegarden event will be live on April 8th – 15th. This is an event that celebrates the WoW version of easter.

This event have not changed much and we don’t offer an in-game guide for it. The best guide is available here at wowhead.

Special note that this year brings a brand new reward, the Swift Springstrider, which can be purchased for Noblegarden Chocolate x 500. The mount is also very rarely found inside the Brightly Colored Eggs

Finding Brightly Colored Eggs can be found during the event.  Horde players can find them in Brill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, and Razor Hill. Alliance players can find eggs in Kharanos, Goldshire, Dolanaar, and Azure Watch. Don’t forget to equip your Egg Basket to speed up collection!

All of the Noblegarden items can be found in one of the eggs, except for the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit and Noblegarden Egg. Don’t forget to collect all of them items that you need to complete Noble Gardener if you are going for the What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been achievement!

Good luck and have fun!


    4 replies to "Noblegarden (Easter) Event Guide"

    • Katherya

      I was very fortunate to find the mount as a surprize in my colored egg…Happy Easter to you and your family; extended ones as well.

      thank you for a great guide

    • Freddie Zwarts

      why no ingame guide it makes life alot easyer tbh never the less still the best guide money can buy

      • Dugi

        @Freddie Zwarts, It only contain a single quest and it would better if you follow the in-game achievement list / tracker.

      • Jason Gush

        @Freddie Zwarts, just to reiterate what dugi said, i also wondered about a guide, however the quests themselves are actually quite simple to do, just a little time consuming 🙂

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