This is a special ‘heads up’ announcement to give you an early warning of our upcoming sale.

On February 15th EST Dugi Guides will have a Half-off (50% discount) sale of ALL our guides and packages for ONE DAY ONLY.

This is to remember the two year anniversary of  The Day that Zygor Came

Thats it!, make sure to mark it on your calendar and hold out for our sale for massive savings if you choose to purchase our guides.

Yours Truly
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

The Day that Zygor Came (One Day Sale) Is Now On
ALL Guides And Packages Reduced by 50%February 15th ONLY

    25 replies to "The Day that Zygor Came (One Day Sale)"

    • magcynic

      Bought the Alliance guides yesterday. For that price (and what you get), you can’t lose.

    • xfire96

      Woohoo! I am loving this half off sale bought my horde and alliance guides thanks Dugi! 😀 Oh and thank you Zygor for trying to run Dugi out of business you only made him 10 times stronger 🙂

    • cubscapsfan

      Thank you for having this sale! I was on the fence about buying the guides, but this pushed me over!

    • Miriade

      I’ve already made my purchase but happy BDay of sorts! :^D

    • Hans Eriksson

      The link above gets me to a form where I am asked to do a signup.

      I already have an account. Where do I puchase new guides and get the Zygor rebate?


      • Hans Eriksson

        @Hans Eriksson,

        the prices in the menu in the members area are the regular prices. Maybe there is a reduction later on that is not obvious?

        • Dugi

          @Hans Eriksson, The prices in the menu are reduced by 50%, you can check that the this is not the advertised price which is at full price by looking at the sales page, use the “Guide Info” links above to compare the full price to the members price.

          • Hans Eriksson

            @Dugi, yeah, I realized my misunderstanding after a while. Bought the big Horde package. Great stuff!

    • Etienne Kenul

      Thanks Dugi. I recently faction transferred and needed a Horde guide to redo some rep quests.

    • Fernando

      Dugi Hello, my compliments for having an excellent guide for players of Warcraft, I have some doubts about the installation of the addon tells me “java.lang.NullPointerException” and v are updated Java 6 update 30, which is what may be wrong, even if I install it manually in the interface are the basic guides only guide tells me not installed. I you could advisers in this situation.
      One last question, is there another way to pay for tomorrow February 15.
      Thanks, and we are in contact.

      • Dugi

        @Fernando, Hi fernando, it would be best if you contact tech support here so that we can help and track your problem a lot better than via the comments section here.

        Try uninstalling all your java and visit and reinstall.

        Currently we only offer 2 payment option which are Credit card via clickbank or paypal.

    • Cswish

      I’ve been leveling toons with your free trial for about two weeks now, just puttsing around until I had the money to buy the full guide(since I started using your guide I don’t want to level without it). I also tried zygor guide in order to compare the two and see where I would get the most for my money. I came to the conclusion that I like your guide better for numerous reasons including the fact that zygor guides seem to have overlooked worgens. I started playing my worgen yesterday and still had zygor enabled but closed on screen and in my chat box it was attempting to load a guide but was unable to, therefore seeming to me that they do not have a guide for worgens(I’m not sure if it’s just excluded from their free trial guide or if they don’t have one, either way it was a major turn off). I am thoroughly impressed with your guide and am extremely glad that there will be a sale as I couldn’t decide which guide to buy but now I will be able to get at least some of the ones I wanted.

      Thank you Dugi I do honestly appreciate your work, keep it up!

    • Jonathan

      I realy need this guide because i lvlel slow,my friends complain that i never lvl fast.
      Thanks Dave Farrell !

    • Doomloon

      Dear Dugi:
      I purchased several items from you and love everything I got. I have played WOW for a long time, and because of you I have several level 85 characters, and am bringing up a Mage and a Druid. Your stuff is the best and makes sense to use your guide. Please keep up the good work. I know you are developing new stuff I will want to buy. Best of luck.

      Yours truly,


    • Melissa Ansell

      How I wish I knew about this a few days ago! I bought the Horde Dailies & Events Guide and the Dungeon & Lore Guide. I so would have waited if I had known. The only other guides I don’t have are the alliance versions of the guides I bought this week, and I don’t play Alliance that often so I don’t have a need for them currently.

      Anyways, good luck with your sale. Love your guides! 🙂

    • Rennell

      I currently own both DugiGuides and Zygor Guides mainly because I started with Zygor before Dugi in truth I have more of the DugiGuides than the Zygor ones. Each are good guides and each have their + and – depending on what you like or dislike. I tend to use DugiGuides for some things and Zygor for others but this is purly due to my own preferences. If I had a choice before I had invested in Zygor I would have taken DugiGuides over Zygor at the begining. Since I have both I keep current in both since it really does not cost me much to do so. I got involved in DugiGuids due to the big flare up between the two different guides and I want to see what it was all about. Because of the fight with Zygor I know that DugiGuides had now a much better product and it just keeps getting better and because of this Zygor has had to make his better to stay up with DugiGuides so far DugiGuides still are better and this benefits everyone who owns the guides and as a by produce the people who own Zygor since they just can’t sit around and not make imporvements because of what Dugi does to keep his product above par. The battle is still playing out and will continue to play out and we the players will benefit. I’m just glad that it’s not so volitle as it was in the begining. I see no problem of having two guides that offer different ways to play WoW. It only makes it better for us the player. Thank you so much Dugi for making a great product and being the nice guy in a bad situation. For that alone is the main reason I’ve stayed with Dugi all these years.

      • Herman

        I have to wait another year, because I already own all the guides, lol. I also have the Zygor guides, like others have, and since last year your guide has progressed so well, that I started to use it more often then the Zygor ones. Especially the sticky targeting and the waypointing systems in caves, when leveling, proved to me very handy. Sometimes I do like the “other” guides better, so I keep getting them both, but thats just my preference. They are both very good.

    • sdraper2000

      Hey, Gugi,

      Sorry bro, I have been out of it for a while now, 4 months exactly. I had 4 back surgery’s over the course of 3 months. So give me a heads up about this mod. What is it and why is it needed. I own all of your mods and would have no problem buying this one. Sorry to sound like a noob and all, must be the meds, but could you please share some light on this for me?

      Scott Draper

      • Dugi

        @sdraper2000, Hi Scott this is just sale of all our original product, if you have already own them then you don’t need to make anymore purchase.

        • sdraper2000

          Yeah… lol i think i already bought everything you sell… lol
          And awesome it is, keep up the good work and making an awesome product even better…

          Keep it going.

    • Fixie Glitchie

      Can’t wait for Dugi-Guide sale!!

      I’ve been visiting this site multiple times (atleast 5 times a day >.>)

      Pondering and wondering to buy all the guides :O !!

      I’m quite stuck in WoW so yeah o.o … Sale sounds really friendly and desirable.

      Can’t wait can’t wait !! xO !!!

    • Majik01

      I’m. almost glad that Zygor did this (Not for the grief he gave you) as it has allowed you guys to create a far better in game guide than the bulky addon they put out, saying that I only ever purchased their 1st guide so it may look a lot more streamlined now, but I’m glad that I stayed with your guides (Own all atm) They are great guides and take up very little screen space, which I like a lot.

      Going slightly off topic ^^ I just hope you create a way to disable the addon (Like you used to be able to do on the map icon, instead of having to reload the UI every time, I understand why you did it this way, I just preferred the old way more. 😀 But such a small thing that it makes no difference to the quality for money you provide.

      If I didn’t already own them all I would definitely buy them again.

    • Jordan Humberto de Souza

      Any chance to get the new gold guide as a pre-order 50% discount dugi? =x

      • Dugi

        Unfortunately no, however the gold guide will be launched at a discounted price.

        • Jordan Humberto de Souza

          @Dugi, Nice to know, tell me about the amount of discount? 50%? 30%?? SIXTY PER CENT? =DDD

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