Dugi Guides Outland 58-70 Leveling Guides are now available to download and we have also rolled out few extra updates that you will like.

First we have updated the installer for PC and Mac to support all 3 version of WoW Retail, TBC Classic and Classic Era. You can now install Classic Era guides with the Dugi installer which was missing before.

Dugi quest tracking feature that simulate the Blizzard retail quest tracking along with quest giver tracking will now work with all TBC zones. 

This will also add objective tracking above the NPC for all TBC content

The Burning Crusade update will include

  • The Blood Elf and Draenei level 1-20 Starting Zones (Available Now)
  • Outland 60-70 guides, this will include all zones (Available Now)
  • Outland Dungeon 60-70 guides (Coming Soon)
  • Profession Leveling 1-375 guides (Coming Soon)

All TBC content will require an update purchase of $20 for all users who wish to continue with TBC content . Old WoW Classic Era 1-60 guides will still be supported and will work on the TBC servers and Classic Era servers.

Click Here To Purchase The TBC Update
(members make sure you login first)

Enjoy the guides!

    16 replies to "TBC Classic Outland 58-70 Leveling Guides Available Now"

    • yummypugs

      Hey Dugi, do I need to purchase the classic+tbc package or only the tbc one? My character is already level 63, therefore I do not necessarily need the 1-60 guides.

      • Dugi

        You can just purchase the TBC guide it will provide BloodElf Draenie Starter zone and 58-70 Outland guides

    • mere0302

      Hello! I purchased the TBC Classic guide but it’s not showing up in game. I installed the installer and tried installing and reinstalling with no luck.

      • Dugi

        the guides is in your account, make sure you are logged in with the installer. It should say welcome “mere0302” and click reinstall

    • greten1337

      I paid for the TBC 60-70 guides, all I get ingame is 58-62 in hellfire.

      • Dugi

        it should be there, make sure you are logged in with the installer and click reinstall

    • Ted Horsman

      Thank you

    • Michael O

      Thank you Dugi.

    • mijaelmk

      the talent advisors templates appear empty, how do I access it, nothing appears, and
      The search for equipment that was in the classic will be available, because I can see the equipment but it appears that the guide to search for equipment is not downloaded

    • djleo305

      oh i have that on, what i meant was i dont see the 60-70 leveling guide

    • djleo305

      when will this be released, i still dont see it on the settings

      • Dugi

        you need to click on the minimap tracking and enable the quest tracking

        • djleo305

          you mean auto quest tracking? it is on

          • Dugi

            no Minimap Tracking (magnify glass icon) by your minimap

            • djleo305

              oh i have that on, what i meant was i dont see the 60-70 leveling guide

            • djleo305

              figured it out dugi, :p

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