After over 10 years Blizzard is about to release the highly anticipated real time strategy game Starcraft 2. The original game is loved by players around the world and tens of thousands of players still play them today, I set out to look for the highest quality guides that I could find and documented them in the video below.

Click play to view the video below.

Click here to view Shokz GuideClick here to view Joana Guide

    4 replies to "Starcraft 2 Guide Reviews"

    • HoneyWild

      Anybody know if blizzard allows 2 users to share a starcraft 2 account ? Thanks

      • Football

        Blizzard doesn’t allow 2 users to share an account.

    • JackieB

      Thanks for the info,bookmarked

    • jesseH

      Anybody know when the new Starcraft 2 League is gonna be introduced ?

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