Hi everyone, along with our regular guide updates we managed to squeeze a new unique feature that you might find useful.

The new Auto Mount feature can now be found in the settings menu.


The feature is fairly simple to use. Enabling it will allow the addon to cast a mount spell for your character whenever possible.

This will save you time from manually clicking your mount button remove that continuous grind of getting back on your mount after combat or questing.

There are some customization options for selecting the mounts and you can easily disable it if you want it to stop. We are still tweaking this feature and would love to hear any feedback to improve it.

Thanks and enjoy the guides!

    31 replies to "New Auto Mount Feature"


      don not care for it,

    • Daniel

      Not sure this is really useful. Every time you try to do something the addon tries to get you on your mount. When checking in a quest, when trying to add a level on your artifact… It gets annoying.

    • Russ

      Would be really great if their was an option to use Worgen’s running wild spell, and because I am that lazy auto druid travel form.

    • fatheroftwo2016

      how often do i have to pay for the guide

    • Gjintari

      needs key assignment sometimes i just want it off quickly
      something (delay) ssince last action. i unmount to get item and go up and down.

    • Vill

      Turned on Auto Mount and it appeared to be working fine. That was until I started Fishing for a World Quest and it constantly kept mounting me (sounds rude i know). I had to turn off the feature to enable fishing to work. Vill

    • wywy

      The fixes are great! They corrected the problems I pinpointed in my previous comments. I”m really enjoined this new feature now. Thanks Dugi for making it available.

    • Dugi

      We have just uploaded some fixes for the auto mount, please try it again now 🙂

    • Des French

      All sorted Couple of clicks on minimap button to disable Guides and thus auto mount. Get repair mount, eat, water strider or whatever. Click on minimap button and back to auto mount. I can live with that

    • wywy

      Great idea Dugi………………..However in its’ present form not very practical. Unable to use Water Strider when this is activated. Also can’t eat and can’t change to another mount without going into settings and unchecking this feature. ..Thanks for your efforts

      • fatheroftwo2016

        i have no problem switching to another mount with auto mount

    • Des French

      Great Need a quick key/macro to disable/enable for situations like using repair mount

    • Dugi

      Hi, thank you for all the feedbacks and we’re taking all suggestions on board and we’re currently working on the improvements, will release a new update as soon as possible.

      • fatheroftwo2016

        how often do i have to pay for dugi guide

        • Dugi

          hi it is a monthly payment

    • Rizendell

      Can you please make it wait like 3 seconds or something? It will override any kind of casting like mining or using quest items if you do not, which is very annoying and makes it unusable in most cases.

    • Demimage

      Great idea. At the moment i’m only able to mount the Onyx Netherwing Mount in the broken isles and anywhere Pre Legion Even though its set to choose random favorite.. chooses this mount for both Flying and ground mount. Wont let me mount anything else. No Water strider or brinedeep bottom feeder. Glitchy in water too.

    • Dragon

      Hi Dugi,
      This is a great idea. I actually like using it on my hunter but have to turn it off on my druid. One tweak that would be nice is having class specific options. Druid forms, and I believe shamans have ghost wolf, you know stuff like that. I look forward to this being a replacement to Guppet at some point and time for me.

    • Eric B

      Hey Hey Dugi:

      Not too sure if you wanted info here or in the Forum, but anywhere it’s going in both places. The addition is a great idea but does have a drawback, if you are going to eat you are going to have to turn this off because it will activate once you do nothing and well that will ruin food, and yes I am a foodie lol.

    • majesticmaerlyn

      Can we please add an option for a user-determined delay before attempting to mount / remount. At present it spams, which looks kinda botty and is frustrating when hitting a node or getting ready to pull a mob? I had to disable it as its too aggressive in mounting in its current implementation.

      Also, as others have stated, some more control on mount selection would be fantastic 🙂

      Otherwise, absolutely love this feature

    • Atruehero

      It would also be great to be able to choose the flying mounts as ground mounts…

    • Atruehero

      I’m missing the Azure Water Strider , preferable with the water mounts 😉

      • Azrani

        Missing as well the Azure Water Strider, but I would rather like to have it as a preferred ground mount.

    • mikeart

      Shall give it a try today and get back to you thanks.

      • kemp707

        Dugi you guys are awesome! Adding things like this at random makes it a joy to be part of your loyal following.

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