Hi everyone, along with our regular guide updates we managed to squeeze a new unique feature that you might find useful.

The new Auto Mount feature can now be found in the settings menu.


The feature is fairly simple to use. Enabling it will allow the addon to cast a mount spell for your character whenever possible.

This will save you time from manually clicking your mount button remove that continuous grind of getting back on your mount after combat or questing.

There are some customization options for selecting the mounts and you can easily disable it if you want it to stop. We are still tweaking this feature and would love to hear any feedback to improve it.

Thanks and enjoy the guides!

    33 replies to "New Auto Mount Feature"

    • desfrench

      Is it possible to set a hot key to toggle auto mount

      • Dugi

        yes you can go to the game menu > key bindings > dugi guides
        and set a keybinding to toggle on / off

        however this is currently disabled until we fix the taint issue

    • Mavig

      I Love this feature so much! Dugi Guides is one of my favorite WoW Addons. Thank you!

    • Ray Moake

      I like this feature but I tried setting up my 3 wanted mounts but it still does not use my recommended mount for some reason.

    • jmaceye

      Love it Dugi! It reminds me to use some of the many mounts I forget about, very easy to toggle on and off for things like dig sites. Nice job and thank you!

    • Kalkin

      This addon would really be useful if we could adjust the delay time it takes to auto-mount.

      • Dugi

        hi you can adjust the delay time, the option is available in the settings section


          Good to know, as when I have multiple targets in an area, I don’t want to auto mount up so quickly.

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