This is a video to explain on how our Automatic Quest Watch feature work for helping you with multiple quest objective tracking. You can also now turn off this feature in the settings menu if you don’t like it.

Our new addon installer will also be complete by tommorow ready to use for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS, X .  I will update you  as soon as its ready.

Please Update your Dugi Guides pack to v4.4401

Build 4.4401 – December 12th 2010
– TomTom Addon
* Update to v40000-1.0.9
* Update Astrolable

– Dugi Guides Addon
* Fix Zone localization for French

Build 4.4400 – December 11th 2010
– Dugi Guides Addon
* Fixed the Auto Quest Watch system to be more accurate
* New settings option to disable Auto Quest Watch

– Leveling Guides
* Removed obselete quests from Goblin zones
* Major update on Draenei 1-12
* Added new class quests for Blood Elf 1-12
* Major fix for Alliance Vashj’ir 80-82
* Minor fix for Alliance Mount Hyjal 80-82
* Major fix for Horde Mount Hyjal 80-82

– Achievement & Profession Guides
* Major updates to most of the professions for Cataclysm

– Dugi

    19 replies to "Multiple Quest Tracking Feature Video"

    • Herman

      Problem with the check marks is solved

    • Herman

      How do i put check marks in the boxes? I only seem to be able to put an X in them. Btw, nice to see in your video that you’re also using Zygor, lol

    • Mike

      I lost my arrow and now lost the guide for 1 character. the rest seem to be ok. what do i do?

    • kim

      Hey, Dugi thk for the nice Guides et tock me 4 days to do alle the Cata maps when wil you meck the daily update ??
      thk a gen for a nise servis

    • Dalinda Marr

      I have also noticed an issue with it backing up. I just click the box until it shows an X for that step. It’ll stop that issue. It’s also happened when I was using my gathering skills

      Dugi, there’s a problem with the Horde guide for Twilight Highlands. The text and waypoints towards the ends are sending the Horde to an Alliance town and turn in. Horde should be turning in at Crushblow and the addon is sending them to Victor’s Point. It’s even in the step text to turn in at Victor’s Point.

      • Slaydin

        I had this issue too, flagged me for PvP when entering…lol

    • Jonathan

      Has anyone else noticed lately that the guide is constantly backing up several steps? Any time I pick up or turn in a quest, or finish a quest, the guide jumps back anywhere from 1 to 5 steps and I have to tick them all again to get to where I need to be. VERY frustrating when you’re turning in several quests in a row and picking up several at the same time. I have to turn in, tick 4 times… turn in, tick 4 times, turn in, tick 4 times, pick up, tick 4 times, pick up, tick 4 times, etc… it’s maddening!

      I’ve noticed this only since the cataclysm switch, maybe for the past 4 or 5 updates.


      • Costa

        I do in fact get that as well. It typically occurs with “Complete Quest” steps. They’re the cog wheel steps.

      • Dugi

        This should be fixed already with the latest update, if it is still happening can you tell us which steps it is that it is happening on, and we will investigate

        • Jonathan

          Sorry I still get it with the latest update. It keeps backing up as much as 7 or 8 steps during a level 1-10 Gnome Warrior run. I did finally find that putting an X in the steps instead of a check, helped but did not completely eliminate the problem. But I don’t want to put Xs in steps anyway because I could end up killing whole quest chains that I want to complete.

          I really hope this can be fixed, it’s making for a not-so-pleasant leveling experience. =(


          • Scully

            during the video i thought i saw a Zygor guide icon….lol

          • Dugi

            Can you be more specific as to which step exactly, I just did 1-10 gnome and this is not happening, are you certain that you have updated.

            • Jonathan

              Yep I had definitely updated, I’m pretty fanatical about that. And I’ve seen this on at least the last 5 updates, though I only just started my Gnome Warrior yesterday.

              Trying to go from memory here…

              It kept backing up to the quests where you go in the cave & find the 4 engineers/explorers or whoever they are, it also kept backing up to the “boars” quest. Basically it kept backup to boars and would require me to re-tick about the next 6 steps after boars every time I picked up a quest, turned in a quest, completed a quest, or I think even just killed something. It was happening so often I lost track of what exactly would cause it, just every time I looked up it was back at “boars” again. Resetting & reloading the guide didn’t help. Eventually I completed that guide and moved onto the next and it was OK for the first half dozen or so steps, then it started doing the same thing again.

              I’ll see if I can record a jing video of it or something maybe…

      • Martin Frost

        I’ve noticed it even after updating to the latest version 🙁
        It happens for me in the Worgen starting area and pretty much all the lvl80+ Cata areas. Whenever I hand in a quest it backtracks the cogwheels so that I have to manually X them just so I can continue.

        Plus, if I try to reload the guide (using the button in the guide window) hoping it will sort the steps out, it doesn’t do as intended and clears some of the cogwheel steps so again I have to manually X them 🙁
        Although, if I logout and back in the above does seem to correct itself for quests done.

        • Jonathan

          Also to be clear – for me it is NOT just backing up cog steps, it backs up cog steps as well as turn-ins, pick-ups, and any other steps in between. I haven’t noticed any pattern as to how many steps back it jumps, sometimes it’s only 2 or 3, other times it’s 7 or 8, or anywhere in between. Sometimes it even fixes itself for a while, like after I got through a guide it moved onto the next one and everything seemed fine for maybe the first 10 steps or so, then it started “slipping” back.

          • Martin Frost

            I’ve noticed this tonight, it is kind of random as to how many steps it clears.

            I also noticed it seems to happen more when handing a quest in and getting the next quest from the same questgiver.

            • Jonathan

              Ahhh that’s a good detail, I think I’ve noticed it more when turning in & picking up from the same person as well!

    • Costa

      Hey, Dugi, I hope you take this as the compliment it’s meant to be. I was disappointed with quality of the guides over the past 6 months or so. But, ever since Cata came out I’ve seen quite a **** of an improvement. Although, I do wish there was a bit more detail in the steps like another guide I currently use in conjunction with yours. I’m still very impressed. Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to the addon updater. Thanks, Dugi!

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