Midsummer Festival begins on June 21st to July 5th,  and we got the complete in-game guide available for you!

Simply update your Dugi Guides to 5.6 with our installer (available in our download page below)

The in-game guide will take you through the Achievement and also provide you with the best route to find every single bonfire location and earn over 1200g while doing it!

This is also the BEST time of the year to level because for two weeks you can…

  •  Gain 10% MORE experience with the Ribbon Dance buff
  •  Gain Bonfire Blessing buff which almost double your character’s damage!

So you guessed it,

10% More Exp + More Damage + Dugi Guides = LEVELING MADNESS

During this event you can also get…

  • Get special items that will set your hands and feet on FIRE!
  • Juggle Dozens of flame torch with your characters.
  •  Impress your friends with the Flame Brazier to turn yourself to a dancing Draenie torch!

Also check out Midsummer Festival guide on wowhead for more info.

    9 replies to "Midsummer Festival Guide 2012"

    • Aurille

      Great event guide. This was the last holiday I needed for the meta, and now I’ve got my Violet Drake. Your guide has saved me so much time and hassle this past year… Tremendous work!

    • tx7phyl

      On Friday, June 22, 2012, utilizing DugiGuides 6.002, the Midsummer Festival was located in the Events Tab and I utilized it successfully on two toons on the Grizzly Hills game server. On Saturday, June 23, 2012, after upgrading to DugiGuides 6.1000, I attempted to utilize the Midsummer Festival on the Events Tab but only found a statment that said, “Events guide are seasonal and will be updated when the event is live.” A really great update there guys.

      • Dugi

        I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, it was fixed within minutes of the update release. Please reinstall.

    • Steve

      Thanks for the guide Dugi. I made about a 1000 gold, did a lot of siteseeing, visited parts of Azeroth that never been to before and killed some Horde 🙂 Can’t get better than that.

    • William

      just to let you know you have the wrong date

    • Joe

      Thanks Dugi! Already have The Flamekeeper title and the Festival has only been out one day! Thanks, best guide ever!

    • Fairgo

      Hi Dugi.

      Thanks Dugi . As always this is great

    • gamer

      It told me to desecrate Bogpaddle by flying to Redridge.

    • gamer

      My mage had a button to click for teleporting which was great. I am using my flying mount, the double row of travel dots is cute :).

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