WoW Midsummer Festival

The Midsummer Festival is here June 21 – July 5

Our new in-game Midsummer Events guide is now available!

Update your Dugi Guides to 4.7689 and you will find it on the bottom of the Daily & Event tab.

The in-game guide will take you through the Achievement and also provide you with the best route to find every single bonfire location and earn over 1200g!

This is also the BEST time of the year to level your alts because for two weeks you can…

  • Gain 10% MORE experience with the Ribbon Dance buff
  • Gain Bonfire Blessing buff which almost double your character’s damage!

So you guessed it,

10% More Exp + More Damage + Dugi Guides = LEVELING MADNESS

During this event you can also get…

  • Get special items that will set your hands and feet on FIRE!
  • Juggle Dozens of flame torch with your characters.
  • Impress your friends with the Flame Brazier to turn yourself to a dancing Draenie torch!

More information about the Midsummer Festival can found on our online guide below

Enjoy the Midsummer Festival!
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    13 replies to "Midsummer Festival Event Guide 2011"

    • macmike37

      Great guide especially when you use the auto accept feature. Minor omissions… Kharanos in Dun Morogh and arrow points in wrong direction to honor flame at New Kargath, Badlands.

    • Mevrian

      I’m not getting any direction arrows. Should I be?

      • Dugi

        Yes you should, you might have move your arrow out of your screen, try typing /dg reset

    • jason kenny

      Running the mid summer festival guide & its great easy gold – thanks Dugi 🙂

    • Pigtails

      I’ve updated to version 4.7690, and under the events tab I still have Children’s Week showing and nothing about the Fire festival.

      • Dugi

        sounds like you haven’t updated at all, you could have more than 1 copies of wow installed
        double check in the addons menu that you indeed have 4.7690 becuase you will see the Midsummer guide if you do have it. I have just checked and everything seems correct on our end.

    • Kathy Goodman

      If u right click on the quest title it will bring up a list of the guides. There is a tab for dailies/events, and if u click on that u should find the guide for the festival. Hope this helped.

    • Darth

      Hi Dugi, it looks like the link ( is not working properly I got a 404 error message, even after several trials.

    • James Wilson

      I can not find the daily and event tab were do I find it….. so glad i purchase your product
      thanks Jim wilson

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