lunar festival 2010

Lunar Festival is here!

Don’t miss out on easy achievements awards aswell as
special festival items. You can read all about the
event with our free guide below.

An In-Game guides for the fastest route to collect your
coins are also available in the daily guide members area.

You will need to download the guide and reinstall it again
to receive the in-game guide update.

Enjoy the event!
best regards
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    5 replies to "Lunar Festival Event Guide Is Now Available."

    • Toltec

      same as above, after following the instructions exactly, I have the same dependency missing issue

    • J

      Hey Dugi..

      I am a member, but havent downloaded your guide for a while…I just downloaded the Lunar festival guide, but its missing the “dugi viewer”…so when I open my addons folder in wow, it says dependency missing…

      So, when I try to download the leveling guide (to get the viewer) it says you have removed the link and cant be downloaded atm.

      Can you please update the link for Lunar festival to include the viewer pls?

      Thanks 🙂


      • Dugi

        I should have contacted you to help you fix this problem if I have somehow missed you please contact me right now for assistance dave ‘at’

    • Glenn

      FYI. Link in the email just gave me a blank page, though the one above was successful.


      • Dugi

        thank you for notifying, I have fixed it 🙂

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