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During Cataclysm we released a video of leveling 1-85 in 5 days /played time.

This time in Mist of Pandaria, we have  a monk leveling 1-90 in 3 days /played time on a new server, enjoy the video!




    35 replies to "Level 1-90 in 3 Days (Mist of Pandaria Edition)"

    • NIk-W

      Awesome video! I wish I could level 1-90 in 3m12s!;)

    • Herman

      I like it! Your guides are great! I would like to know when to go for a dungeon, could be nice if you get a hint in that direction while leveling. It would speed up things even more. Give a choice like: go to next level or take this or that dungeon…

    • Prophet

      I see that he have some kind of addon when he turns in quests (see 2:26). You see a arrow on some of the gear. Im guessing this sorts out if the gear is better than he have. Anyone know what addon this is? This would be a great addon for my wife so she doesnt need to ask me all the time 😛

      • Shaupan

        @Prophet, I use an addon called Pawn that rates gear based on the spec you tell it. It highlights the best upgrade and if none are upgrades then it highlights the highest vendor value.

    • toothnesda

      Most Awesome Sir Dugi–Liked it

    • Tgari

      I love the Video! would love a break down of the leveling process? was mode was it set on? when did u do dungeons? etc

      • Malak4060

        @Tgari, Hey ther Tgari, I am the one who leveled the monk.

        The guide was set on normal while being in Azeroth, then I switched it up to Hard Mode once I hit level 60 and got more comfortable with the monk class itself.
        As to when I did dungeons?
        I mainly did them when I felt that a zone was going too slow and I knew that a dungeon of those avaible to me in the Looking For Group tool would be fast to do and give a reasonable amount of experience.

        Hope that helped you out.

        – Malak4060

    • Trook

      Love the vid from what I saw.. fell asleep. I also fall asleep when that song plays.

    • John

      @Lynxya Not necessarily, If you have the title on another char you can put them on your lower chars too.

      And as for people saying if you have no life, and wanna do it in 3 days etc. It’s /time played. this could have taken him weeks, only playing a couple of hours a day. but it still relates to the char only ever being logged in for 3 days. playing 6 hours a day = 12 days

      It’s an awesome result.

    • Lynxya

      If he got the last name Jenkins, someone ran him through that dungeon ach, right?

    • Vill

      Just to clarify, the time shown is actual GAME TIME, so that could be over several week’s, I have leveled a druid to 68 in 2 days play time, I use Hard Mode Dugi, but I also spend time selling the wares I loot so this slows my progress, but still 68 in 2 days -no dungeons, is for me super. BTW 1 have raised over 3k gold selling loots, I use skinning and mining as I have all other professions.

    • Lee Reider

      actually it was a monk and they get a buff that doubles their experience, however the guide is a great guide so it is possible

      • VDn

        @Lee Reider, it doesnt doable the experience. It’s 50%, that’s not doable, doable is 100%

    • Leon Fowler

      Would like to have but as a retiree,can;t get because of funds.Have tryed some of the other things that was free and looks like they work really good.the ones i tryed did?I now that if i get i get the funds i will order.Very good product,with a lot of work put in.

      • Leon Fowler

        @Leon Fowler,I would like to get the Level 1-90 in 3days I don’t think i can do it but will try.I just started a new Avatar which is little over 10.

    • Jonathan

      I couldn’t sit and play for 12 to 13 hours straight, I’d honestly get bored. I like keeping my gaming casual, i wouldn’t want my girlfriend to feel to neglected, and it’s good to get out and do something that doesn’t involve NPCs and Mobs.
      How someone manages to sit that long at a time without getting cramp and a sore backside is beyond me.
      But well done.

    • Bluedarksun

      It’s entirely possible if you have no life. 😛 Otherwise, receiving 3,000-4,000 exp for each quest turn-in makes the levels go by fast. I leveled a troll hunter to 58 in a day. No dungeons, no groups, no heirlooms, no trade skills.

      The only other thing I did besides questing was doing battle pet battles and the experience from those is insane. Blizzard has done a really good job at dumbing this game down to a point that a caveman can play it and level. By the way when I say a day I’m talking 12-13 hours straight playing. Stopping just long enough to get a drink of something and to use the bathroom. So three days to 90 is not impossible solo.

    • Bobby79

      Maybe indeed but I don’t believe with the levelling 80 – 90 waiting for dungeons and questing it is questionable

    • george

      thats not proof

      there is no way on this planet this is possible

      • Matthew Davies

        @george, It is entirely possible. I am currently leveling a hunter and just reached level 85 in 2 days 9 hours playing time only using the 10% guild xp bonus.

    • NastyJim

      What’s the background music?

      • kyosaku


        Pachelbel Canon in D, written around early 1690s. May be Bond performing, but I am not sure. If you like this there are many interpretations to the purely classical 3 violins and Basso, to a couple of nice Hawaiian performances.

      • Nathan Blair

        @NastyJim, actually the song is cannon rock and this is a cover by Matt R.

    • Kolkri

      I could never do it that fast. I use the leveling guide but hate groups so don’t do dungeons that must the the edge he has.

    • Zach

      How did he get an ally guide for thousand needles, I bought the ally guide but dont have it, and id love to level there

      • Dugi

        @Zach, it’s available in the Dungeon & Loremaster package.

    • Eric wassink

      Nice 😀

    • John Lammi

      I saw in the video. well done, they wrote in Norwegian or Danish “on the chat.”
      He who made ​​all levels was probably from Norway or Denmark

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