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During Cataclysm we released a video of leveling 1-85 in 5 days /played time.

This time in Mist of Pandaria, we have  a monk leveling 1-90 in 3 days /played time on a new server, enjoy the video!




    35 replies to "Level 1-90 in 3 Days (Mist of Pandaria Edition)"

    • Deminem


    • Embloxian

      Ahhhhhhh! I really want to level up fast!

      • Mikkel Staal

        @Embloxian, Hey there, I just got back into WoW and if you want to I can help you out, I am the creator of this monk in the video as well as the hunter leveling from 1-90 in 2 days 2 hours played, just message me at the forums and I will make sure to help you out the best I can 🙂

        Forum name is Malak4060

    • Frederik

      people who doubt this, remember he is lvling a monk 50% exp buff

    • liars

      i might of been a bit harsh I’m sorry but EVERYONE have a look

    • liars

      at 2:34 pause it and under total time played its time played this lvl its says 0days,0hours,4minutes,9seconds ??? how does that work?

      • T

        @liars, that means he turned level 90 4 minutes and 9 seconds before that screen shot. What don’t you understand?

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