Hi everyone,  I’m happy to announce that the Legion 98-110 Leveling Guides are available to download now.

To get the new beta leveling guides simply update Dugi to the latest version with our automated installer available here https://www.dugiguides.com/dgmembers/


We don’t normally release expansion guides this early as we would like to work on them as much as possible to ensure we provide a smooth guide on day one. But due to numerous requests from our users wanting to tests the guides on the Beta servers, we decided that it’s a good idea to release it early so our users can help us to fix any major bugs with the guide.

This will also allow us to ensure that everyone has their guides ready on day one and reduce the risk of our servers crashing due to the sudden spike in traffic.

Note: These guides won’t work on the current live servers until the official Legion Expansion release on August 30th.

Players with Legion beta access will be able to use the guides on the WoW beta servers right now to test the guides. Please report any bugs you encounter it in the bug report forum  or skype (DugiGuides). We would really appreciate it 🙂


Available Now:

  • Demon Hunter starter guide
  • Class Campaign guides
    – The guide will automatically change depending on your character’s class
    – Includes Broken Isles intro and all artifact quests
    – Includes Campaign quest for up to level 110
  • 98 – 110 Leveling guides covering all Broken Isle Zones
  • Suramar level 110 guide
    – Required to unlock World Quests at level 110
  • Broken Isles Treasures and Rare creatures tracking
    – Requires Extra Tracking Module purchase


The Legion updates do require a paid subscription or “Legion Update” purchase

  • Subscribed members will automatically receive all the Legion updates as they are released
  • Old members without subscription will need to purchase the Legion Update (Available Now)
    Click here to purchase the Legion Update from the member’s area
  • More Legion guides for Dungeon,Professions, Achievements etc are coming soon and will be included with your subscription or purchase

Enjoy the update!


    38 replies to "Legion 98-110 Leveling Guides Available Now"

    • robert beckham

      I am a loyalty member and have reinstalled the guides but I still cant get the Legion Update to load.
      so please tell me what it is that I need to do ..this is my second time putting in a ticket since I didn’t get a response from the last one .. please help

      • Dugi

        Hi we replied to all the tickets

    • Julie Powell

      Hi I am a loyalty member. How do I access the Legion levelling guide?

    • Larry Johnson

      cant update the 98 to 110 guide

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