Good news everyone! Demon Hunter early access and Broken Shore legion introduction scenario will be available tomorrow on the live servers and we have the guides available for you now.

To get the new guides simply update Dugi to the latest version with our automated installer available here


This is currently a free update for all Dugi Guides users

  • Demon Hunter guide should load automatically as soon as you enter the game or you can find it in the Legion section of the leveling guide
  • Broken Shore scenario guide is also available in the Legion leveling guide section


The rest of the Legion updates will be available closer to the expansion release on August 30th.

  • Subscribed members will automatically receive all the Legion update as they are released
  • Old members without subscription will need to purchase the Legion Update (This will be available soon)

Enjoy the update!


    20 replies to "Free Demon Hunter Starter Guide Available Now"

    • osmikel

      Please tell me if being a loyalty member entitled my membership to receive the Legion Guide without paying $30 for guide.
      If this is the case, then why was I not told this, and why did I have to pay $30 to get guide.
      Your responses are very misleading, so if you would please, settle this for me.
      Do I or Do I Not get the Legion guide for being a Loyalty Member??

    • Frank

      Same question as guy before me. I am a loyalty member and guide won’t load says i need to pay $30. whats up?

    • cyberite

      The guide is trying to bill me $30 and I am a loyalty member (Username: cyberite)

      Same thing if I login to the website and look at my account. So far no answer to my Skype request or my ticket. Please advise.

    • melbrid

      Hey i was wondering if the guide for legion will be released on time with expansion so we can have it when it drops on the first day and will this be another fee or free upgrade for legion guide

      • Dugi

        It will be available on time so you will have guides ready on day 1. It is an automatic free upgrade for subscribed members and older members wihout sub or loyalty program can purchase the legion update.

    • thewoolyone

      hi Dugi I have just hit lvl 98 and no auto quest for Broken Shore r u sure its lvl 98 and not 100 as all gear is for lvl 100
      ps love the guides I have them all keep up the gd work

      • Dugi

        Try checking the Hero’s Call Board in Stormwind or the Warchief Command Board in Orgrimmar.

    • Ph0enix2000

      On my Pally, under “Leveling”>”Legion” I only show “Broken Shore (98), no Class Campaign… Thanks, love the guides

      • Dugi

        Class campaign guide is actually for the legion expansion release, it’s not available yet

    • eion

      Thx a lot Dugi
      Best ever

    • Jake

      Hey Dugi, I have a Subscription but no Legion Guides are showing up plz help!

      • Dugi

        it should be there, you won’t see the demon hunter guide if you’re not using a demon hunter class

    • J. Meerts

      Any news how to get the guides for the Loyalty members?

      • Dugi

        Loyalty members will receive updates for the leveling guides for free

    • killroy

      bonjour je n’est rien comprit je ne sait NI LIRE NI ECRIRE l’anglais zut avec vos pub tout en anglais

      • Champi

        C’est quoi que tas pas compris?

        • killroy

          “Free Demon Hunter Starter Guide Available Now” toute leur explication et en anglais il pourrait traduire en français
          sa donnerait peut être envie d’acheter leur guide dugi

    • Steven Brooks

      Hi Dugi,

      I updated my DugiGuide, but when I load the guide ingame, I can only select Broken Shore guide. (which is not for demon hunters).


      • Dugi

        The demon hunters guide will only appear for demon hunters, you won’t be able to see or use it with other class

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