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    I have been struggling with an issue where I would experience “micro Stutters” while playing classic.  At first I could not figure out what was causing it, afer updating my graphics drivers, chaning settings in the software, playing with graphics quality in WOW etc.  I configured Riva Tuner Statistics Server, I realised that the “Micro Stutters” where in fact 5 – 10 FPS dips.
    I have singled it out to be Dugis guid, I am running v1.35.  When I enable the guide the frame rate drops during gameplay.  It seems heavily centered arround the Barrens.  It did not happen in Mulgore, I can’t get it to happen in Elwyn forest.  For some reason walking round the barrens, flying, walking into and out of buildings all cause the frame rate to drop.  Sometimes it happens while looting creatures also.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have diabled the addon for now.

      Does it occur while DugiGuides is disabled?
      Perhaps try and capture this in a video whilst showing addons in the character select screen followed with gameplay.

      You can use obs studio, there are guides on youtube that help with how to set it up and with settings.

      You can then use handbrake to squash that video file down in size, there are guides on youtube that help with settings.

      Finally, you can then host it on youtube, click the visibility box and then select share privately and then link the video url in here. 😉


        It might that you have too many quests POI on the map that draws the Blue area highlight. 

        Try disabling this feature by going to Maps > untick “Show Objective Bulbs”

        Hi Dugi,
        I can confirm that it is not the option you mention above, I turned that off and the issue persists.
        It always occurs when changing zone, sub zone or entering and leaving buildings.  I have not passed the barrens so I cant confirm if it is isolated to this area only.
        I will look into making a video, never done it before.

          @dozi Thank you for letting us know about the setting, Dugi is right it could be a contributor, we now know that it’s disabled, we can then eliminate that from our list.

          Zone could have an impact, depending on how cluttered they are etc.

          Thank you for considering to make a video, even if it’s your first time, it will greatly help us understand what’s going on.
          If you need any assistance we are here to help.

          I hope this video helps.
          This is the worst place I have found the issue.
          I get the issue playing normally, however that is more random and harder to capture.


            @dozi Thank you for posting the video for us, great work! it’s clearly shown that no addons was enabled and demonstrated no addons and with dugiguides enabled, yes a clear 10+ fps drops.

            If macros are important for you then I would first look at copying each macro and placing them in a txt file for now and then delete all macros.
            /m and then click on a macro and then click the delete button this is for both General Macros and {Character_Name} Specific Macros.
            Once all is deleted, try what you did before, I know that you have a Addon Manager and what I am going to suggest will be slower as you would need to wait out the 20 second logout timer.
            When you come to disable the addons it is still actually running in the background, issuing /camp and then un-checking the addon from the addons tab is the designed way, and will be the suggested way for now.
            In the character select screen use the addons tab and ensure all addons are disabled except dugi guides and check again for any fps drops, if that is still true then we will need to examine that video footage and work out what else is happening.

            @Dugi Any ideas from what you can see from the video?
            I hope what I came up with already may or may not help, for now it’s the best I can think of. I will think real hard on that for a bit.



            i will back up my WTF and AddOns folder later and just install DugiAddon, that should also clear out my macros.

            just to note, i have only seen the issue in the barrens and stonetalon so far.  i will be heading to Ashenvale later so i will say if it occurs there.  

            my human and night elf and their respective zones have not experienced the issue yet, but they are only level 10.


              dozi said:


              i will back up my WTF and AddOns folder later and just install DugiAddon, that should also clear out my macros.

              Oh yeah, I forgot that you can do that  :D


              As above, started fresh with only dugi installed and no macros.
              The FPS drops everytime I change zone or subzone.  I went to Ashenvale and the problem is there also.
              Please let me know if you would like another clip uploaded.

                Thanks for your patience on this, I am waiting for Dugi because my suspicions is something with in the addon for classic.
                My process was looking at possibly client side, then I immediately remember the video, the issue does not exist with no addons, if it were client side the issue in the video would be seen whilst with no addons.

                Nah that’s all good mate, you did very well on the first and it is a perfect example of what you are experiencing, I feel sorry cos I cant help any further.


                  there is a weird taxi issue with this spot, we’re still looking into it 


                    I noticed that FPS is improved if you have flightmaster data, /dugi fix will remove all FP data and this creates a bottleneck with Taxi calculation. 

                    interact with any FP master to update the data use /dugi fix only for last resort. 

                    we are still looking for more improvement 

                    The spot in the video is not the only location it happens.  it is everywhere in the barrens, I have captured more that I can upload.
                    I took a level 6 character to the barrens and the issue does not exist at all.
                    I started to remove quests from my quest log on the character in the video, as soon as I got down to 5 quests the issue is almost not there.  When switching sub zone the FPS drops by 1 frame and is not noticable, when I switch to a major zone like ashenvale or stonetalen the frames drop by 5 rather than 10 -15.
                    I collected the quests as per the guide again, and the noticble stuttering was back.

                      If it’s not all characters then I would start with backing up your macros and then remove them for the character that has this issue. Sometimes macros can cause issues such as fps drops etc.

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