mag046 said:

    1. Installed guide version 9.043.
    2. WTF purge of account folder while logged out of client.
    3. Log back into the client/game/character with guide enabled.
    4. Configured guide settings as follows:

    • Questing -> uncheck ‘Floating Item Button’ and ‘Auto Quest Tracking’
    • Dugi Arrow -> uncheck ‘Show Ant Trail’ and ‘Icon Arrow’
    • Dugi Zone Map -> uncheck ‘Enable Zone Map’
    • Display -> uncheck ‘Anchored Small Frame’ and ‘Fixed Width Small Frame’
    • Frames -> uncheck ‘Small Frame Border’
    • Maps -> uncheck ‘Hide Border’
    • Taxi System -> default selections
    • Target Button -> uncheck ‘Target Button’ (default unchecks all below)
    • Tooltip -> default selections
    • Gear Set -> default selections
    • Gear Scoring -> default selections
    • Gear Finder -> default selections
    • Auto Mount -> default selections
    • Notifications -> default selections
    • Other -> uncheck ‘CTRL + Right Click Arrow Menu’
    • Guide Sharing BETA -> Uncheck ‘Enable Guide Sharing’
    • Profiles -> default selections

    5. Waking Shores guide quested until I got to “Fight Fire with… Water” (100%).
    6. Completed the quest to 100%, error encountered.
    7. Reloaded the UI via the LUA error window and the guide advanced.
    8. Abandoned the quest.
    9. Re-checked ‘Icon Arrow’.
    10. Completed the quest to 100%, error encountered.  Did not encounter in previous testing.

    I am going to reset the guide settings to default and work through the quest as I uncheck them one-by-one and test further.

    That’s a good idea, I will use these settings on an alt and see if I can get any taints.