Are you using any other addon like MoveAnything?

    The dugiguides addon needs to have absolute 100% control, any other addon that takes this control funny things like above happens. If you really need the second addon look through its options and uncheck anything to do with the Objective Tracker.
    You can try to disable all addons except dugi guides, if dugi guides is doing the same thing, I’d do the following
    /dugi fix
    click okay and after reload, log out.
    log back on to the character.
    /dugi reset
    If the issue still remains, I’d exit out of World of Warcraft completely including the battle.net launcher.
    Open up the Dugi Guides Installer, click on the Settings button.
    Click on the Repair, wait until a confirmation window appears, click on the Okay button, and then Okay button again.
    Click on the Reinstall button if it doesn’t automatically download.