In the first screenshot posted by the op you can see it is the right chat with datatexts ‘System | Elvui Config | Gold’. However not sure if it’s vanilla elvUI or someone’s edit as in MerathilisUI.
    It’s rather odd for ElvUI to take control of the Objective Tracker like that, though, I haven’t tried any others except vanilla ElvUI/TukUI, MerathilisUI, MaxUI and BenikUI.
    I’d expect UI addons like SyncUI and RealUI to do this, they did have 100% control of the Objective Tracker back in Legion, I am guessing they still do it now in BfA. For SyncUI that was absent in Legion, so last known expansion was Warlords of Draenor.
    RealUI was a real pain to turn it’s Objective Tracker tampering off without total rewrite of it’s code, was successful, but wasn’t worth to note the edits. SyncUI has an inbuilt enable / disable setting which was handy.
    Out of curiosity I enabled the feature “Movable Frames” within ProjectAzilroka addon and I don’t get what op has posted. Which is why I initially fixated on a known addon called ‘Move Anything’ looking at the same behavior when the Objective Tracker is targeted within ‘Move Anything’ addon.
    I guess we will have to wait until op lists the addon’s he is using. [op] = original poster