If you have done the story on a character and made it to level 60, you can level your alt’s using the Threads of Fate method, super fast and super easy.
    Tips: Use War Mode gives you extra XP, full set of Heirlooms, gives you 30% rested XP.

    In a way in defense for dugi guides addon, Blizzard has made it super hard for addons to track in specific locations, this is probably why when the addon is telling you to go to Stormwind Portal or Orgimmar Portal to go to Oribos, even though you are in Oribos.
    At this stage, take the Transporter pad to the Ring of Transference, (upper level) and then head on over to the Flight Master and go to the map you need to go.
    Threads of Fate guides tells you to go to Oribos once you’re finished a zone. I usually stay in that map a little bit longer and take flight to the next map, once you enter that map you get the quest automatically.

    Sing out if this is confusing.
    Are you EU or US wow client? Prehaps I can help in-game, you are welcome to use my contact info in this thread you posted in https://www.dugiguides.com/forum/discussion/1243/tough-as-silk-quest#latest