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    I’m new to wow, came across dugi guides… love it. Helped me get to 60 in no time. Now i’m totally lost and it’s a complete mess and dugi guides add on is anything but helpful right now because I have zero clue what I’m supposed to do and most the time it just tells me to take the portal at oribos to oribos. Why isn’t there just a “do what’s next to progress to end game / finish all the story stuff”? Why is everything gotta be broken down by area especially since you bounce around all over the place anyways it seems? Just a super frustrated newb that.

      If you have done the story on a character and made it to level 60, you can level your alt’s using the Threads of Fate method, super fast and super easy.
      Tips: Use War Mode gives you extra XP, full set of Heirlooms, gives you 30% rested XP.

      In a way in defense for dugi guides addon, Blizzard has made it super hard for addons to track in specific locations, this is probably why when the addon is telling you to go to Stormwind Portal or Orgimmar Portal to go to Oribos, even though you are in Oribos.
      At this stage, take the Transporter pad to the Ring of Transference, (upper level) and then head on over to the Flight Master and go to the map you need to go.
      Threads of Fate guides tells you to go to Oribos once you’re finished a zone. I usually stay in that map a little bit longer and take flight to the next map, once you enter that map you get the quest automatically.

      Sing out if this is confusing.
      Are you EU or US wow client? Prehaps I can help in-game, you are welcome to use my contact info in this thread you posted in https://www.dugiguides.com/forum/discussion/1243/tough-as-silk-quest#latest

        On your level 60 character, the first thing should be the Covenant Campaigns, get them done 9/9 the guide will help you with that.
        Kyrian is the only covenant that has a dungeon step, it’s super easy, queue and follow the tank and dps w/e the tank is attacking.
        After the Covenant Campaigns start Korthia. Within that quest line you will unlock mounts in The Maw (no flight), Unlock flight in the 4 zones, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth and Bastion. You can’t fly your mount between these zones.
        Once you have completed Korthia, You can then start on Zereth Mortis, complete the Campaigns in that zone. You are welcome to add me to Discord – Ozzi#9217 and Battle.net – Ozzi#11426, again, if you are NA (North Amarican servers) I can help you get flight in that zone.
        Everything else is all completely up to you, there’s dungeons, raids to explore.
        There’s a guide to unlock Taza’vesh, this is not queue-able in the dungeon finder, It’s revisiting the original dungeon days in vanilla wow, make a party of friends / guild mates and run to the entrance.
        You can simply jump on an alt and level that character up, I suggest to try Threads of Fate. War Mode if you don’t mind PVP, and full set of heirlooms if you have them and upgraded. 5/5 or 3/3 for some rings.
        The guides do very well considering the constant headache blizzard does to addons not able to track in certain zones, its easy to avoid the alternate route, pay attention to what zone you picked and proceed from there, read the descriptions in the steps, these should tell you “Travel to Bastion”, don’t go to the Stormwind Portal or Orgrimmar Portal, head to the transfer pad, get up to Ring of Transference and head to the flight master, select the Aspirant’s Rest or Hero’s Rest in Bastion. If you are doing Bastion, I’m using this as an example Proceed with the rest of the guide.
        Same thing applies for other zones, speak to the flight master in Ring of Transference and select the zone you chose, click the flight master point there.
        Level up your professions, get these to max level fast as you can, Start collecting plans for your professions, there are guides out there that outlines the exact ones to aim for, you can make them and sell them on the auction house, another way to make gold, be warned, there’s a lot of competition, meaning, people will undercut your auction. There’s addons that help with the auction house sales.
        I thought I would provide more of a thorough explanation of what a fresh level 60 should do, at least the first few steps, the rest is up to you.
        There’s a lot you can do in World of Warcraft, there’s other content from other expansions, most are still enjoyable.
        You can work on Achievements, collect Mounts, Pets, list goes on.


          @sockhatabe the use of btwquests is not intended to make Dugi Guides obsolete, it can be used along side to ensure certain quests are completed in order, you have met the prerequisites without having to ALT + TAB or switch monitors to a website if you have more than one monitor. I use it all the time, I am currently on my Horde Vulpera hunter getting the How to Train Your Direhorn achievement, rewards the Child of Torcali mount, worth doing if you haven’t done it yet.
          BtwQuests is also useful in your situation too, keep that in mind.


          Thanks everyone!

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