These issues or rather issue you are experiencing is not addon related, though the error is mistakenly saying it is, read this https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/ysnz8c/the_final_boss_of_every_prepatch_cycle/
    Every expansion pack released always has issues with taint, however, Dragonflight is the worst for taint because of the new UI or rather the Edit Mode for moveable frames. Developers such as Dugi has to work really hard to try to minimize these taints, a hard task to achieve, however, he has done an exceptional job so far to get it the way it is now.
    As for content that is due will be released soon, we’re just going over a lot of extra information to add with the update.

    As for any thing with new expansion packs, a little patience goes a long way. Rest assured that these errors and what not are being worked on and is taken very seriously, which is different compared to free variants. We are committed to get these issues resolved quicker.