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      every since the new update its been bugged out. So many people has brought up this issue and spent money for all the updates and it seems to be months to get it working right now boom back to ground zero again. It even bugs out in ebg’s and i get in a middle of of a fight in order to do something i have to disable. 

      There are other trackers for quests out there but I have invested so much money into this one I truly don’t want to leave and go somewhere else.

      Great guide when it is working , It is time to keep up updated what the issues are so we know its not us.

      Fix the issues or just call it a day.

      It would be different if this was a free guide and we did not pay for things to work.

      If you yourself pays for something I am sure you want the product to work yourself or you want to know what the issues are so you know how to fix it or to know what is truly going on.

      steps I took to fix the problem.

      1. deleted the guide of my computer.

      2. cleaned my folders on wow .

      3. ran a cleaner on my computer.

      4. installed the newest update and deleted all the rest of my add ons.

      The issues.

      1. Guide only shows when I hit the dugi button for the interface.

      2. cant keep dugi abled most of the content of wow due to a bug out says I have to enable it.

      Please let us know what the problem is so we can know Its truly not us .

      I have done everything on my end , since I have delt with many of these updates over the years I know what to do on my end.

      I just want to make sure I am not missing another step some where that is new.

      also it would be nice to update every few weeks what is going on so we are not in the dark .

      Thank you .  

        These issues or rather issue you are experiencing is not addon related, though the error is mistakenly saying it is, read this https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/ysnz8c/the_final_boss_of_every_prepatch_cycle/
        Every expansion pack released always has issues with taint, however, Dragonflight is the worst for taint because of the new UI or rather the Edit Mode for moveable frames. Developers such as Dugi has to work really hard to try to minimize these taints, a hard task to achieve, however, he has done an exceptional job so far to get it the way it is now.
        As for content that is due will be released soon, we’re just going over a lot of extra information to add with the update.

        As for any thing with new expansion packs, a little patience goes a long way. Rest assured that these errors and what not are being worked on and is taken very seriously, which is different compared to free variants. We are committed to get these issues resolved quicker.


          Ozzi, why is it we have to go somewhere else to read what is going on with this product?

          If there is a issue with a product you should be able to go to the product page and be able to see what is going on not to go on a rat race of downloading this app. to read about a product you have supported for almost 11 years.

          Also, many of us have been patient through this whole pre patch and most of it we have not been able to use this guide most of the time.

          I have used this guide for many years maybe its the new people that own WoW now giving many of the people that make these addon’s a hard time but just a update here would go a long ways instead of a quest to find out the latest’s issues with this  product.

            So far the ui taint issue is NOT DUGI GUIDES. That is why it is thrown to out side thread. The addon is in working order, the only issues wrong with the addon are minuscule, which are still being fixed as I speak.
            The product Dugi guides offers are working, unless you can prove with screenshots or videos that are constructive to prove otherwise and we shall look in to the matter and fix what is said to be wrong. i am here scratching my head wondering what your problem is, while i see no issues at all that validate your negativity especially towards myself.
            All I see at this point is that you are not happy with anything I have said since it’s not the answer you wanted, I don’t know what it is you want me to say.
            Remember, to use these guides it’s a privilege not a right. Though, yes, you are a paying customer, so am I.

              These are the things I did not know until you responded, all I did was as a question. I am sorry if you took me for being rude , I am just a straight forward person. If I came across rude I am sorry you took it that way. You are right its a privilege to use this product, thank you for the reminder.

              I am just not happy that it took me to get this far to find out what was going on.

              Now I am looking like a bad person for being outspoken.


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