Ozzi said:

    I am so sorry, it’s been really busy as of late.

    elric1976 said:

    I’m not sure why it keeps doing this but when I update Dugi Guides and close out the game to restart, the WOW launcher starts an update that sits on initializing and never starts. When I uninstalled Dugi’s Guide it did the update and I was able to start the game. Any idea why it keeps doing this?

    I appreciate the help.

    Dugi has found the cause of this and has made necessary changes, this will be added to the next update for the Installer, keep an eye in the Members area for that.

    elric1976 said:

    Basically I am unable to update Dugi Guides 

    Can you please explain this a bit more?

    First off please allow me to apologize for all of the posts. I understand that you guys are busy. Thank you for getting back to me. What happens is, I install Dugi’s Guide and when I restart the game it starts an update on Retail, Classic and Wrath and they all are stuck in Initializing and do not move from there. When I pause them all and do the scan repair, they go through the update but when I get into the game and open the guide it is blank. I’m unable to see any of the guides. When I leave the game again all three go back in to Initializing. When I uninstall Dugi they immediately go through the update and I’m able to start the game without the Dugi addon. I hope this makes sense. Again thank you very much.