donek said:

    Good morning, Either the installer is broken or the update isn’t workin… Still getting the Addon Version 1.129 , Repair Button isn’t working as it is saying no WOW Path found (not true as i can start wow with the Play button) and the complete Addon (apart the tutorial) is not working inGame at all ..

    same problem just wasted 74$ on this it use to be better than it is now wot has changed i have spent the last 6 hours trying to get it to go sad realy

    Donek you are half rigth when you say they use to be better. They use to be faster.
    Faster is better so half right.
    But the content is still good, just ask me or anyone of the guys above us who are trying to use the gide.


    btw Dugi Team, fix this fast.