mysti35 said:

    Just to chime in, when I do any quest (for example catch 10 terrorfish) the first terrorfish I catch, I get the “quest is complete” audio.  After I catch my 10th fish, I hear nothing.

    To confirm, enter the settings /dugi config then click ⚙️ and then under Questing check that Map Ping is selected under Step Complete Sound and Default or whatever the preferred sound you want is selected under Quest Complete Sound.

    If you use another addon, such as ProjectAzilroka, make sure that only Quest Complete has a sound selected, i.e for me: Carbonite; and that all others are set to None under QuestSounds. While the ProjectAzilroka addon is the addon inteded to be used for the usage of quest complete sounds, you must now ensure that Dugi Guides Quest Complete Sound is set to None, or you will receive two audible sounds every quest complete.

    The sound you hear on the first 1/10 complete is called Objective Progression, which sounds more like another addon like ProjectAzilroka is in use.