Your behavior was selfish, entitled and I believe it needed to be called out. As you have disrespected my time and effort to resolve your specific issue.

    We can recall in this thread that you insisted on pursuing the matter and I respected your time in reporting by always following up and I continued to work to get this resolved. In the end, you didn’t respect my time at all, not even the courtesy to tell me that you’re no longer interested in resolving it.  

    Just as we are making some headway, (being able to test it directly with our own warrior) a character I pretty much leveled to for this test.  You can’t even do the simple test of using only Dugi addon which would take you literally less than a couple minutes. 

    From my perspective, you lead me on a wild goose chase performing a worthless task  and my time was wasted. I’m not in the service business and you don’t pay for my time, you paid a license to use the product that’s it. You and I are equal and your time is not more important than mine. With that said I would never treat anyone working as if their time is not important. 

    As for your apology, I don’t believe it was sincere as it was followed by a passive aggressive comment about my business which I found not worthy of a response. Worry about your own business.