Hey Dugi-thats interesting. Perhaps it has something to do with Dual Wield-I do NOT have that skill I never bought it. Perhaps I’ll make a video, I’m a bit tired of it at this point. In another instance however it is doing same thing for armor-see screenshot for my lvl 27 warrior-not sure what that has to do with weapons. It’s too bad you cannot exclude certain types of weapons and armor (like Pawn allows) to get a score and not worry about unequipable or unwanted types of both. Also in your video from what I could tell (you went VERY fast man) you had Dual Wield as first choice until the very end, when you put 2 hand above it and equipped a 2hand mallet. Delete dual wield completely, put listing as 2 hand, Tanking and sell price -those 3 in that order to recreate my setup and equip the mallet,. Then reload and see if a 1 hand is suggested over the Mallet.   then reload see if you get a wrong Trying to re-create my exact setup as I have in these screenshots if you look at them closely. Remember I do not have dual wield anywhere on the list and never took the skill.