football said:

    2. Left click the DG Icon Button to see the notification and get access to the quick settings. (Right click opens the guide menu).
    3. You can use the Dugi Guides Automatic Installer and run it before you start wow or do it manually https://www.dugiguides.com/discussions/#/discussion/15/guide-manual-installation-guide-by-football ..  you can see the latest version in the installer or if you go to MEMBERS at the top menu on this page.
    Regarding Twitch app and DG. “Right click Dugi Guides in Twitch client
    and choose ignored. The Twitch client version only contains trial guides
    and it will override your existing guides if downloaded”. Always get the guide from dugiguides.com

    Welcome back :)

    Thank you for the warm welcome and good to know on points 2 and 3. Thank you!