rashcl said:

oki i get that and i am saving for the  BFA Achievement & Profession Update.

because that’s  the only thing i need  because i am in the loyal program right?

but looking over the guides i have ingame, i dont have  any guide for the  Achievement & Professions guides for Legion, witch is only available in the  legions update , so that would mean i still need to get that  upgrade and the bfa on ?

now i am confused to what i  need or not ,is ther no way to get teh Achievement & Professions guides for Legion, for another price ,seeing i alreday have teh leveling  guide part of legion 

so i also do need the legion update to compleet the guide , you should have told me that in the begining when i asked  if i only need the bfa part extension. and you told me i only needed the BFA Achievement & Profession Update. would have safed me a hole lot of headach.