Mark speaks jjyoung said:

    I’ve just had another issue with coordination between 2 guides for the same zone.  In this example, I was doing the Dustwallow Marsh 43-44 Quest Marg Speaks.  It looks like you just need to kill Muchshells until a Jeweled Pendant drops.  I thought the the Pendant would actually give a quest.  However, it appeared that the quest was supposed to be obtained from the Dustwallow Marsh 38-38 guide, which I didn’t do because I jumped over those levels by running dungeons.

    I believe that you should have a check if the persons has the needed quest.  At the very least, put a note in their telling them they need to have it.  This isn’t really a problem if the quest and quest progress items are listed in the same guide

    The Jeweled Pendant will drop when you have the quest Marg Speaks which you have, the drop rate is low, nothing to do with the 38-38 guide