So everything is wrong? we should just start over? do you see anyone else screaming for their money back? We can’t release our product because you said so?

    What are you talking about? are you saying code is the same for the guide or the addon? the guides are 100% new I don’t know how its possible possible for you to have existing version of it because we don’t even have Classic guide as a in game guide only PDF. We literally played the game again and record our steps as we played during the beta and live. 

    and pet battle is your example of using same code? we don’t even use that in classic, it’s just there not being used at all.  

    If you think addon code is copy and paste why don’t you copy and paste addon retail version into classic and please tell me how long it will take you to fix it into a working addon. 

    and incomplete? last time we check we have a brand new complete 1-60 guide for both factions for 2019 Dugi WoW Classic addon, which is what we’re selling. I don’t claim is perfect but its getting closer everyday. If you can create a perfect guide this early please show us how it can be done. Otherwise you will need to wait until the guide is perfect then buy the guide.