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    Already leveled to 60 on classic and used both guides (Z and Dugi)
    Both have their strength and weakness.

    Overall, both have issues here and there, wrong/missing waypoints, missing quest steps or whatever…this just will get fixed over time.

    What i like about Z is the talent advisor, where you don’t have to tab out of the game and check what to skill next.

    Besides that, the Dugi interface is soooo much better.
    Especially when it comes to checking already done steps, it is way more handy.

    Also, as already mentioned, the target button is awesome.

    A lot of times when you run towards several npcs you instantly see which one to talk to. With Z you may end up clicking through several npcs…sure it is just some seconds, but after doing this a few hundreds times, it sums up to way more wasted time.

    In my opinnion the guide that will win the long term run is the one having built in dungeon-/profession-/gold- e.g. guides.

    Basically regarding professions all that needs to be done is gather together already available information and make it available ingame.

    Thing i would like to see in dugi:

    – Profession guides

    Efficient way to max out a profession with the option to choose whether to farm needed materials on my own (including guides that tell me where to do what), or a “buy guide” for endgame if you can afford it.

    – Gold farming guides

    speaks for itself, tips and tricks how/where to make most amount of gold per hour/in general.

    – Gear farming guides

    E.g. you hit 60 and based on your class and spec the guides tells you were to go to get best weapons and gear, suggests questlines for e.g. good trinkets…stuff like that

    – Reputation guides

    Determine and recommend based on class/specc which reputation to max out, being it gear, recipes or whatever, including a quest guide to get reputation

    – General Improvements

    During some stages of the guide, half of the inventory is filled with quest items. You simply lose track what you need, what you don’t need anymore and what so ever. It would be very helpful if the guide would check from time to time what is in the invetory and give a hint “you don’t need item abc anymore, throw it away” or “put it in your bank until needed later” something like that.

    Sometimes the waypoints get messed up if you don’t follow them exactly. Let’s say you make a shortcut over a hill or something and the guide doesn’t recognize that you are already running towards the target waypoint rather then telling you, that you run away from the current waypoint.

    After I die I have to open the dugi menu every time and hit “reload” or simply do a /reloadui as the arrow and quest guide just disappears, this would also be nice if it gets fixed. (I’m using standard interface)

    Give the user the opportunity to select a difficulty for quest areas. Some classes can be easily leveled with mobs being 1-2 level higher, even against several mobs. Others struggle extremely hard and progress several times slower, e.g. warriors.
    Therefore it would be perfect, if the guide would give a hint like following “Dugi detected you’re playing a warrior, as this is a hard to level class we suggest to….[following advice]” and the user can decide whether to maybe do another level up before switching the zone, or go the harder way and directly switch.

    Hope you read this, thanks so far all the work you’ve done.