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      I’m unhappy with one of the competing guides (the one that starts with a Z). 

      I played through the free 1-12 portion of Dugi guide and liked some things but its hard to tell considering I have 48 more levels to go. I liked your interface a little better.

      What advantages do you have over the other guides (free and paid)? The one I’m using currently has a ton of grind (even when there’s quests in an area to do), takes you to highly contested PVP areas such as STV, loads up your quest log with unfinished quests so you can’t even run dungeons. These are the things I don’t like.

      I’m not looking to speed run, just looking for a efficient guide through the game since I’m a casual player.


      Its Classic… It is a grind. Just because there are quests in an area that doesnt mean you should do them right then and now. Most guides will keep you doing GREEN level quests to keep the flow and ease of completion and then when you get a higher level take you back to those areas to complete the quests you left. Classic WAS NOT polished, was not complete on release. There is Layers in game now as well… that is making life easier in most cases once that is removed ….. You are doing to have less fun even running around. There are several features and zones that are still going to come out, blizzard hasn’t released that content yet. You complain about being taken to PVP hot spots… then why play on a PVP realm? As for the dungeons… if you want to run one go turn in completed quests then go get the dungeon quests and bang them out. Honestly you will find all those issues with BOTH and even free guides out there. Also just about every guide i have tried is not polished YET. The teams have had limited time to test and build the guides because there was not a typical beta phase like you see with release or a PTR even. It is going to take time to come out with guide sections and features. Creating these guides is not a simple task under time restrictions. I have noticed that DG has polished up the Alliance routes and I am sure they are going to do the same for horde in time.  

      I will say this… Dugi Classic a ONE TIME payment option and its yours, and yearly/monthly payment options for Retail to save a few bucks. It is cheaper by a few bucks. The guide viewer with its target button and mob preview is a nice touch that the others do not integrate well. Track townsfolk!!!! GAME CHANGER RIGHT THERE. The customer service…. BEST TEAM EVER. Zone map routing is a nice feature the others don’t have. 

      I have leveled a toon to 60 with the other guys named Z and I have leveled a toon to 60 using DG…even tried WP and AAP… Some sections of the “grind” where easier on Z and then others easier on DG. Both are in the same spot roughly with content. At this moment in time DG is my guide of choice and I like that its a one time payment because I can use it, leave it and come back to it anytime with out a monthly sub. I will be using Z again in time but DG is in my opinion the better choice right now. I have flipped between both over the years. 


        Well need i say more in my opinion dugi is miles better than zygor on both classic and retail,the addon from dugi alone doesnt use half the amount that zygor does dugi guides are way more efficient,i also personally feel levelling is much quicker with dugi,the customer service from dugi guides is outstanding it really cannot be matched,i also like the interface of dugi much better than the dreaded zygor.Overall dugi wins 10/10 from all angles.


          The biggest advantage for Dugi for me is the target ‘needed’ mob button.
          I have both Zygor and Dugi and none of them are ‘perfect’. Both are good.


            Dugi Guides, once you pay for them, you own them. The guides are all pretty similar, but the one with the Z, is a monthly only payment option.

            Personally, at this point the Z guide is more polished, and with better features, like the working since launch talent guide. Dugi does not have a working talent guide yet. And the Z guide for me is smoother with less bugs. 

            But, Dugi Guides keeps getting better, and once you own it, it is yours. 


              If you don’t like grinding you can also do a level-appropriate dungeon instead. You might even get a bit ahead of the guide that way.


                Already leveled to 60 on classic and used both guides (Z and Dugi)
                Both have their strength and weakness.

                Overall, both have issues here and there, wrong/missing waypoints, missing quest steps or whatever…this just will get fixed over time.

                What i like about Z is the talent advisor, where you don’t have to tab out of the game and check what to skill next.

                Besides that, the Dugi interface is soooo much better.
                Especially when it comes to checking already done steps, it is way more handy.

                Also, as already mentioned, the target button is awesome.

                A lot of times when you run towards several npcs you instantly see which one to talk to. With Z you may end up clicking through several npcs…sure it is just some seconds, but after doing this a few hundreds times, it sums up to way more wasted time.

                In my opinnion the guide that will win the long term run is the one having built in dungeon-/profession-/gold- e.g. guides.

                Basically regarding professions all that needs to be done is gather together already available information and make it available ingame.

                Thing i would like to see in dugi:

                – Profession guides

                Efficient way to max out a profession with the option to choose whether to farm needed materials on my own (including guides that tell me where to do what), or a “buy guide” for endgame if you can afford it.

                – Gold farming guides

                speaks for itself, tips and tricks how/where to make most amount of gold per hour/in general.

                – Gear farming guides

                E.g. you hit 60 and based on your class and spec the guides tells you were to go to get best weapons and gear, suggests questlines for e.g. good trinkets…stuff like that

                – Reputation guides

                Determine and recommend based on class/specc which reputation to max out, being it gear, recipes or whatever, including a quest guide to get reputation

                – General Improvements

                During some stages of the guide, half of the inventory is filled with quest items. You simply lose track what you need, what you don’t need anymore and what so ever. It would be very helpful if the guide would check from time to time what is in the invetory and give a hint “you don’t need item abc anymore, throw it away” or “put it in your bank until needed later” something like that.

                Sometimes the waypoints get messed up if you don’t follow them exactly. Let’s say you make a shortcut over a hill or something and the guide doesn’t recognize that you are already running towards the target waypoint rather then telling you, that you run away from the current waypoint.

                After I die I have to open the dugi menu every time and hit “reload” or simply do a /reloadui as the arrow and quest guide just disappears, this would also be nice if it gets fixed. (I’m using standard interface)

                Give the user the opportunity to select a difficulty for quest areas. Some classes can be easily leveled with mobs being 1-2 level higher, even against several mobs. Others struggle extremely hard and progress several times slower, e.g. warriors.
                Therefore it would be perfect, if the guide would give a hint like following “Dugi detected you’re playing a warrior, as this is a hard to level class we suggest to….[following advice]” and the user can decide whether to maybe do another level up before switching the zone, or go the harder way and directly switch.

                Hope you read this, thanks so far all the work you’ve done.


                  In case any of you are wondering. I went ahead and purchased DUGI guide and am extremely pleased with it. I’m a casual player and in the past week I made it to lvl 20 in a breeze.


                    villesin said:

                    Its Classic… It is a grind. Just because there are quests in an area that doesnt mean you should do them right then and now.   

                    I have to disagree with this sentiment, I think even any quest is worth doing for the silver or gold at lower levels, I’m a new 23 Horde rogue and I had a guide tell me to farm mobs until I reached 24. these mobs were in a contested area and it was busy, the mobs gave me a debuff that would prevent stealth for a minute, and I am dying too much from ganking and bored. I would much rather quest in a slightly lower bracket for cash or gear rewards even if I only disenchant them or sell them.

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