Dugi said:

    if you’re not going to be civil, I will ban you, don’t like it then don’t use it and leave. 

    I’ve spent 44$ for broken guide… not what is being advertised – spent all day to try fix the quest lines and it is not properly done. Addon has options/settings which are not working… only reason i purchased this addon was to teach my girlfriend to play WoW and constantly had some issues… last thing that truly knackered me – She created Shaman Orc, and at level 5 guide was telling her to kill lvl 10 npc’s (at first i thought she skipped something or she made mistake, but that was right, the guide actually was guiding her to ratchet at level 5, after killing boars) , by missing important quests from beginning. I would not mind some bugs – but atleast have an information on website which says: Beta or not done. Also there has been issues with ui, for example: if user already learned flight path, the guide tells you to speak with npc after which you get Lua error, Running with Elvui has addon stuck at 1% loading, TukUi had less issues.

    at the moment i dont feel that 44$ was justified to 

    “Learn how to level World of Warcraft characters solo
    from level 1 to 60 the FASTEST way possible”