Can also confirm there still is a problem with Dugi loading properly upon initial logon with any server and any toon. Take a /reload each and everytime for Dugi to load and look proper. This is with all addons disabled and not running. I updated to that lastest version of Dugi 8.777. I have tried /dugi fix and /dugi repair multiple times on individual characters. Shut down WoW, and come back into the game….and Dugi is misaligned to last saved location, and the /dugi config is missing options…and background. /Reload…and it’s fine again, until I logout of toon…and go to another toon…and same thing occurs. I switch back to a toon I had fixed with Dugi…and it’s back to not working, and takes another /reload for Dugi to start acting correctly. No addon’s are enabled….except Dugi Guides version 8.777. All previous versions of Dugi Guides was same….after the game 8.25 update.