“Nobody forced you to spend your money.” that’s absolutely right. But also nobody told me, that the “fastest way possible” is actually the same guides as everywhere else.

    Is it faster to read guide on a website or print out and or is it faster to use an addon that automatically progress the guide on its own. You already know the answer. 

    If you expect a discount, the answer is no, if don’t like the guide then don’t use it full stop. The terms was set you agreed to the deal with 60 day guarantee. 

    (which you deny at all cost, but is proven by threads that are create over and over each day about issues in certain guides).

    We never hide the fact that the guide wasn’t finish, we clearly stated this on release and only up to level 1-40 available on launch day etc.  As for these threads over and over again? most of them are from you, there are barely any major issue, most reported issues at mere typos and squashed right away, we’ve been squashing any major bugs before most players are high enough level to even reach the guides.

    Go look at our competitor forum if you really want to see a high level of complaints. 

    With an alt character i’ll stick and start 100% with this guide and will give a more detailed experience review. Till then i guess you fixed most of the current issues so leveling is more flawless.

    Don’t bother, clearly you’re not happy so I’m going to refund you so we can both move on and stop wasting each other’s time.