If the only difference is, that this guide is an ingame guide, then i’m sorry to say but yes, i expected way more. + taking into consideration that tons of guides have issues and this is and feels more like a beta (which you deny at all cost, but is proven by threads that are create over and over each day about issues in certain guides).

Nobody forced you to spend your money.” that’s absolutely right. But also nobody told me, that the “fastest way possible” is actually the same guides as everywhere else.

If it works i’m happy with it, no doubt!
But overall there are too many issues (that throw me back again and again) and you know it. Therefore it would have been nice if there is a “early access” discounted “in progress” whatever you want to name it version.

And not “this is the fastest way possible” if it actually costs you here and there hours more due to wrong navigation, missing steps and so on.

With an alt character i’ll stick and start 100% with this guide and will give a more detailed experience review. Till then i guess you fixed most of the current issues so leveling is more flawless.