I don’t know why you bother use a guide when you don’t want to trust it?  do you really think we would create these guides without thought just to get your $37, why don’t you show me how it should be done. 

    The People’s Militia is a harder quests which have up level 18 mobs and doesn’t need to be completed until later, we’re guiding you to complete easier quests first so you gain an extra level or two before doing those quests. It makes a difference.

    Sending you to Redridge because you need to turn in Defias Brotherhood

    Which will unlock more quests in Westfall 

    and Hillary Necklace is a really easy quest for 1350 XP 

    Once you get there, there’s a flight master to fly back anyway, this trip will need to be done on foot sooner or later, once you get flight master point its much faster. 

    also you need to pick up quests from Lakeshire like The Price of Shoe, Messenger to Stormwind and Dry Times which involves going to multiple zones to complete,  and  they will also unlock more quests later.