Dugi said:

    I checked the guide and you correct that the step to accept is quest in Thunder Bluff is missing. This will be fixed right away, do you recall any other quests that you had problems with? 

    Hey Dugi, (and his team of course!)

    i was sent to Tarren Mill to grab a quest called “Blood of Innocents”, by a Goblin name Ziz Fizziks.

    the Quest In-Game guide is ‘Hillsbrad Foothills’ (29-30), Step 13.

    the NPC does not exist as it seems – tried /target Ziz but there was nothing to be found.

    from what i found through the website: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?quest=1066

    hope that’s all the info needed to fix that step of the guide.
    well, it’s either that or my IQ just dropped down hard, and so is my ego.