Hey Dugi,

    i am going to make this Long, VERY Long story short:

    on Thursday, after using the Dugi Addon (classic of course) for a few days, i started getting FPS drops, but not just any fps drops.
    i am talking about 380-480 FPS down to 8-12.

    Dugi, i **** you not (and i got pictures to prove it), i thought my 6 years gaming Rig got old. 
    stupid or not, i bought a new rig.

    installed wow again, Dugi addon again.. and FPS went back down to 10.

    i can now tell you after testing a new hardware, new installations, with Zero add ons but Dugi.. the Dugi guide is what causing the FPS drops.

    i came to the forums to report it but i see it already an on going subject.

    going to record to you, how i can put any add on i have on me and without the Dugi, the FPS drops issue will NOT occur.

    i did see you asked to delete the macros – i would appreciate if you or any other memeber here tell me how to delete the Dugi Macros.
    i did not create any macros on my own so if there are any, i guess the Dugi addon has some.

    regardless, i am going to show you using the Recorder software you suggested, how the DugiGuide addon cause the FPS issues.

    gonna video it and i shall be back asap.


    Video Link: http://youtu.be/DWmu2824H7Q?hd=1

    i forgot to load all the Add-Ons but Dugi.. but i hope this video was demonstrating enough to prove it is in fact the dugi guide that causes the FPS drops.

    P.S 2
    if i was to wait 10-15 minutes longer, you would see the FPS goes as low as 8-11 FPS.. 
    after that point, i didn’t stay in-game to see if it goes even lower.

    P.S 3
    the Screen Recorder seemed to reduce my FPS right off the bat, so my usual FPS with all the add-ons enabled, max graphics (well, Optimized through the GeForce Experience), it dances between 120-160.

    without any Add-Ons, my FPS jumps between 350 and 490.

    using Asus ROG 25″ g-sync 244MHZ Monitor.