At level 32 doing the Desolace 32-34 guide, it had me run from Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon through the charred vale down to Ghost Walker Post in Desolace.  Once there it didn’t have me pick up or turn in any quests, but hearth back to Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon and then run through the Charred Vale again to Scrabblescrew’s Camp.  Scrabblescrew’s Camp is a very short run from Ghost Walker Post.  So I spent 30 minutes doing nothing but running when I could have run from Ghost Walker Post to Scrabblescrew’s Camp in less than 5.  Once in Scrabblescrew’s Camp it had me pick up one quest then run back to Ghost Walker Post and turn in a pick up the quests I had when I was there the first time.