Dugi said:

    vendor price on items is usually something added from addons like auctioneer, 

    I am also not seeing quest info in tooltips

    I’m not sure what you mean 

    Sure, I was getting mine from my previous leveling guide however, so switching to Dugi I will now have to install (yet) another addon to get the vendor price alone.
    I might install an auctioning addon anyways but consider this, if a quest reward isn’t an upgrade for you, wouldnt you want the quest reward recommendation to recommend the one with the highest vendor value? ;) :D
    What I meant about the tooltips is that when I hove my mouse over a mob ingame, I would want to see information that I have now killed 5 out of 8 needed for x quest of this mob type. Not a big deal, can live fine without, but I thought from the settings in the guide that I would see this but I don’t.