To be clear I am not talking about having to run all over the place, I expect to have to do that for classic.  I am talking about running back and forth for an hour or more finally realizing I can’t get the quest or an item to drop because I have to be on a quest that I can’t even get yet.

    I provided two examples so far. One in this post and one in another.  There have been several other times as well.  I realize this is totally different from retail, but I shouldn’t be running back and forth because the guide is sending me someplace before I can even get the quest or quest items or having me fly somewhere I didn’t need to.  Some of the quests in the barrens where I needed to kill named mobs to get a quest to drop only show one spot on the map to find it, but the mob actually pats all over the area and the only way to know that is to look it up on wowhead or something.  I love your guides, but imo this one has been little rough thus far.