1. Yes, latest ver (8.735 now). screenshot below.
    2. Yes, I’ve tried it with only DG enabled
    3. I don’t have or do new characters.  I’ve tried through my other alts I never play, though, and still no joy, even on the level 1 ones that I just ran to cities for bankers.
    4. I’ve renamed WTF but since it was a brand new install it really didn’t do anything. I put it back since I already had to rebuild it all once this month. :)
    5. Yes, I only play Live. I’ve never played private.
    6. Yes, I’ve already fixed the _retail_ thing which is how I got the version in installer and ingame to sync up back on the 18th. That took me a little while to find. Bliz got creative while I was sick. lol
    Unfortunately, I cannot tell if you guys fixed it or not with the update (8.733 -> 8.735).  Since all of the leveling guides are now removed from my DG. Screenshot is of me clicked on “leveling” and only “World Quests” are showing, nothing else.  That’s kind of a big deal, huge deal even.

    I don’t do the subscription thing, I buy them in full,
    outright, each expansion, so it’s not like I’m ‘expired’ or anything. I’m level 112 on my main, and even BFA leveling is
    missing, so it’s not like it’s restricting to only ‘level-appropriate’ or similar.  :(  I’m doing Loremaster of Northrend (since I somehow missed
    it along the way) and I can’t even see those quests. I checked all the settings I could find and didn’t see anything to turn leveling guides back on.
    I don’t play often. I’m a disabled combat vet and usually can’t sit upright, so being able to play when I’m feeling ok is a joy I’d prefer to have back.  I can do it with Wow-Pro, but it’s just not as good, plus I already paid for DG.  I am actually a government trained computer chick, fixing military and civilian PCs since the 90s, so I try my best to do my due diligence before reaching out (researching, googling, reading forums, etc).  I know how USERS can be.  :)  So, I try VERY hard not to be one of THEM.  :)
    I’m hoping it’s all fixed up with the update, so I just need my leveling guides back to test it.  :)

    I don’t know who that person is who jumped into my thread and mouthed
    off, so I’m REALLY hoping that’s not the reason why my leveling guides are
    suddenly gone……