Happened to me in the barrens. I had just came out of a dungeon and had dugi set to essentials only. Then when I returned dugi to the default guide. The game was paused for a minute then all of a sudden I had a framerate of 7 instead on 97 I had to close dugi, close wow and restart only to find that I was in essentials only and again when I returned to the default, a Frame rate of 7 again. I have noticed a few seconds where you cannot move or do anything till dugi has loaded. I thought it was the internet but my speed is constant at 90.01 mbps, ping 16 and upload of 5.68mbps. My ram is 32gb and wow is on ssd. my cpu is 4.2ghz and I have loads of virtual memory so its not the computer. Also, before you ask, my graphics care drivers are up to date